Unseld is a terrible coach. Let me coach this team for 500K and DC will win 50 games.

In the 4th why is deni gibson kuz and gill playing together???

Why no Goodwin tonight? DC plays 3-4 bigs at a time and never posts anyone up. Pacers, Celtics and 76ers play 3-4 guards and run circles around DC. DC needs a coach who will give this team a chance. Everything is way more difficult than it needs to be.

Moving on DC needs to play more three guard lineups. Pick from Morris, Beal, Barton, Goodwin, Schakel, Kispert or Wright.

On offense do the identical offense for KP and Rui. Monte Morris at the top of the key. Beal on one wing and Barton on the other wing. Kuz on one elbow and KP on the opposite block. I am waiting this entire game for Monte to swing to Beal or Barton on the wing and then pass to KP on the block.

Porzingis has 9-12 inches on the guy defending him. Why is there no play to get KP the ball on the block. I don't want to see our guards shooting 21 footers all game. Dump the ball to KP or Rui on the block and let them get and 1's or kick out for 3.

Conversely put Gaf at the elbow and put Rui on on the opposite block. Top of key to wing and then to Rui on the block. Feed KP and Rui on that block over and over again. Then mix it up and let Kuz, Rui or Deni post at the elbow and take one dribble and go get and 1's

Cure for defense

Pick up your man at half court. Maxey and Harden dribble the ball up the court and are standing at the 3 point line with no one on them and then KP or Gafford go running out to them. Why are the guards not trying to defend. Every player not named KP and Gafford should pick up there man at half court. This team matches up slower than any team in the NBA.

DC would be a good tea if they were taught these two principles. Start the offense from the block and pick up your man at half court. DC has soft players and the coaching is making them play softer. I would use the height advantage on the offensive end and make sure the 3 smalls play defense.

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