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It’s early, but Bradley Beal has been a very efficient scorer to start this season

Beal is shooting 61.7 percent from the field!

Washington Wizards v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal is leading the team in scoring (23 ppg) and assisting (6.3 apg) in the first three games of this season. That’s no surprise because he is the franchise player. But the somewhat surprising thing this season is that he has made 61.7 percent of his shots in that time frame.

There’s something notable about Beal shooting 61.7 percent in his first three games. This isn’t because he shot 20-of-22 in one game, skewing the results. His shooting numbers have been remarkably consistent.

  • Oct. 19 at Pacers: 9-of-17
  • Oct. 21 vs. Bulls: 9-of-14
  • Oct. 23: at Cavaliers: 11-of-16

If there is one part of Beal’s game that leaves room to be desired, it’s his three point shooting. So far, Beal is just 3-of-10 from deep, though it’s early to call this a trend.

Do I think Beal will continue to shoot 60 percent from the field for an entire season? No. But it seems that Beal has started off the 2022-23 NBA season on the right foot. Considering his wrist injury last season, I’ll take it.