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John Wall makes his debut for the Clippers

Wall scored 15 points in a 103-97 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

About a year and a half has passed since Los Angeles Clippers guard John Wall played in an NBA game. Last season, he didn’t play a single game. Not because of his health, but because the Houston Rockets, his team at the time, didn’t have him in their plans in a rebuild.

The former Washington Wizards franchise player played off the bench, scoring 15 points and dishing 4 assists in 24 minutes in their game against the Los Angeles Lakers. He also had one steal in the game. Wall shot the ball more than any other Clippers player last night.

It’s really early. But I’m encouraged by Wall’s performance. He played a pivotal part in the Clippers’ win. And if Wall can continue this throughout the season, the Clippers could be in great shape for the postseason.

Are you encouraged by Wall’s debut for the Clippers? Let us know in the comments below.