Will DC play weak or strong this year?

Congrats DC on assembling the most talented team since DC won the chip in 1979.

Morris / Wright

Beal / Kispert

Barton / Deni

Kuzma / Rui

KP / Gafford

This team can win 50 games no problem with this talent. Of course injuries and coaching play a big part in a season. If this team does not go far this year it is going to come down to playing weak. DC almost every game gets punked. Other teams love playing DC because they know it is an easy game to get the scoring and rebounding numbers up due to the powder puff defense.

If someway somehow DC players can take winning more seriously they might have a chance this year. Dive on the court, take a charge, hit a guard every time they step inside the 3 point line, hit a big every time they step foot in the paint and absolutely no and 1's.

You can put your hands on people and not get arrested. It is a contact sport. Play physical and stop getting whooped. New DC motto for 2022 should be "Push em first and last." Yo just knock the other team down. I don't want to see KP, Gaf and Kuz on the ground getting beat down every game. I liked how KCP would push, hit and slap people even if they were 8 inches taller and 50 pounds more. DC stand your ground fo real. Don't let nobody bully you.

1. Move feet on defense

2. Box out every rebound

3. Ball goes through paint by dribble or pass before shooting a 3

I have advocated this team getting Wright and Barton for almost a decade so I think they will help the defense. Also Morris is the best point guard defender since Strickland 25 years ago. This team does not have a top rebounder so there needs to be a collective effort. Team rebounding will be critical every single game.

On offense get as many paint points as possible should be the goal. Shoot a 3 after the ball goes through the paint. When the ball does not go through the paint every missed 3 is an automatic score on the other end during the Wall and Beal era. Smarter offense will help the defense give up less points.

DC could actually be good this year. Tomorrow I want to see if they play tough. Simple request from a player, coach and fan. Play strong.

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