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The Bleav in Wizards podcast will host a live episode at a Capital City Go-Go game on 12/9

Join us for a live Bleav in Wizards at the Entertainment and Sports Arena.

Bleav in Wizards podcast logo

On Friday, December 9th, the Capital City Go-Go will host the Long Island Nights at 7 p.m. EST at the Entertainment and Sports Arena. They will also host Bleav in Wizards podcast listeners and Bullets Forever readers at a reduced ticket price. You can access those tickets here: Go-Go vs. Long Island Nets - Bleav in Wizards Podcast (

Using our special ticket offer, General Admission - 100 Level tickets are $10, and their “Capital City Sips Series” tickets are $40. The Capital City Sips Series ticket option includes unlimited beer & wine and a collectible cup. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase this option.

It’s also a good opportunity to bring along any of your friends or significant others who may be less interested in basketball. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s a more economical drinking option anywhere in Washington, D.C on a Friday night.

The plan is to watch the game and then host a live podcast afterward. We can take questions and bring people "on-air" to share their thoughts about the Go-Go and how it's existence impacts the Wizards’ player development. If we get a strong enough turnout from our group then the team will line up guests from the team to appear during the episode as well. There will also be prize giveaways for fans who stick around.

If you have a couple of kids and don’t want to break the bank to take them to another Wizards game, this is an affordable option to see high-level basketball from players that could eventually have a real impact on the Wizards. It’s great for birthday parties or youth sports teams to give them exposure to professional basketball.

Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for this community to all get together at one event. Go-Go games are relatively intimate settings so it would be pretty cool to pack the place with the Bullets Forever community. Hopefully we can use this as a stepping stone to arrange more interactive events moving forward. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or post them in the comments section and I’ll address them all.

Long Island Nets v Capital City GoGo
Jordan Goodwin celebrating against the Long Island Nets.
Photo by Rich Kessler/NBAE via Getty Images