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Wizards announce 2022-23 giveaway and theme nights

What will you get when you get to Capital One Arena this season?

Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors - NBA Japan Games
Kristaps Porzingis will be part of a Japanese Heritage Night, barring a trade of course!
Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage

The Washington Wizards recently their 2022-23 giveaway schedule and theme nights for home games. Here is the schedule.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Opening night

On Oct. 21, the Wizards will offer a schedule magnet and rally towel against the Chicago Bulls. It is also their first home game of any kind because they won’t have any home preseason games due to the Japanese tour last week.

Heritage nights

I know many of you aren’t fond of them given the Wizards’ tendency to pick international players. But here they are:

  • Nov. 16 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: Jewish Heritage Night
  • Dec. 12 vs. Brooklyn Nets: Japanese Heritage Night
  • Jan. 21 vs. Orlando Magic: Lunar New Year
  • Mar. 14 vs. Detroit Pistons: Hispanic Heritage Night

Player-centric giveaway nights

  • Nov. 18 vs. Miami Heat: Antawn Jamison-designed throwback hat: Jamison has retired from the NBA years ago, but he was one of the faces of the Wizards in their old colors.
  • Dec. 10 vs. Los Angeles Clippers: Kyle Kuzma-designed throwback hat: The Wizards are bringing back the teal and bronze/gold as part of their 25th anniversary season as the Wizards. This hat will be part of that.
  • Dec. 28 vs. Phoenix Suns: Marvel and Bradley Beal comic book night - I’m interested to see what kind of superpower he has.
  • Jan. 13 vs. New York Knicks: Kyle Kuzma Belgian pink sweater bobblehead night - At Bullets Forever, we love Belgium. We love the Belgian people, the gastronomy, Smurfs and the support they gave one of our former Mystics stars. Kuz has style, I admit. But this sweater by Raf Simons came out when last season’s 10-3 start crashed into a dumpster fire. I love you Kuz, I love you, Belgian Cats fans, at least when you supported the Mystics. But this is a MUST AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!
  • Mar. 22 vs. Denver Nuggets: Kristaps Porzingis bobblehead night - I am calling this a de-facto Latvian Heritage Night, barring major trades.

Other notable nights

  • Oct. 28 vs. Indiana Pacers: Vote Night - A special edition shooting shirt will be the giveaway.
  • Dec. 27 vs. Philadelphia 76ers: NFT night - I was having trouble getting anything on NBA Top Shot so I gave up. Maybe this will be better?
  • Mar. 24 vs. San Antonio Spurs: Cherry Blossom Night - Given that the Cherry Blossoms are a gift from Japan, this could be a second Japanese Heritage Night! A Monte Morris-designed hat will be the giveaway.