Rui about to get a Nintendo injury or heel contusion. The team does this every year.

This basketball team year in and year out lie to the fans about when players will come back to play.

DC knew Rui was not going to play last year but lied and said he would return in November. Then the team lied and said Rui was going to play in December. Now it is straight insulting when the team says he is going to play in January. DC let's be honest with the fan base. Rui is not going to play in January. I feel bad for the fans who think he is playing in 1 or 2 games.

In previous years DC would say Wall or Beal or whoever are out for weeks and it would turn into months. Should the medical staff be fired? How are they so wrong every year? Initially in October the team said Thomas Bryant is progressing fast and should play sometime in November. Finally it has been over a year since his injury and he needs to get a new contract so he needs to start playing if he wants a nice multi year deal. He should play in the next 30 days if he wants to get paid.

It really does not matter what injury a player has this team never has any idea when the player will play again. On the daily injury report the team should just say indefinite. Every day saying that a player is about to come back is a lie when it is repeated for weeks and months.

What do you people think about how wrong the injury report is every year with this team? Who thinks there is more to the story with John Wall not playing?

Before Tommy and the team announce Rui got a heel contusion I'm letting you know to look out for a fake injury announcement. Rui about to be the next Lionel Simmons getting wrist tendinitis from playing too much Nintendo. Let's wait for the announcement because you should know by now it is on the way.

Wall played in only 113 games in the last 5 years. The real story is between Teddy, Tommy and the player. The fake story is what is advertised. Whatever the injury is don't lie to the fans.

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