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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 16: Which Wizards player should go first at the trade deadline, and what should they do?

Yup, it is that kind of a week.

Washington Wizards v Memphis Grizzlies
Is now the time to move on from Beal?
Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

January couldn’t end soon enough for the Washington Wizards! Our weekly survey is below, from our friends at SB Nation NBA Reacts.

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In this week’s survey, we are all about the NBA Trade Deadline, which is on Feb. 10. In addition to fan confidence, we also ask you some additional questions. Is it time to blow up the Wizards? Do you think the Wizards will take the same route? And which player (of several) is most likely to get traded at the deadline?

Given that the Wizards are 23-26, it should be no surprise that we are asking questions that are stark. Or at the very least, they are asking questions on topics that just have to be discussed. Things aren’t going well right now. And either way, it’s time for some changes.

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