It's Time For A Total Wizards Fire Sale, Folks.

It's time, folks. We can kid ourselves, but this team isn't the same squad that started 10-3. Nope, they're the team that's had the league's 6th worse record since, and I see absolutely nothing in the past month that leads me to believe that trend's gonna change. We've gone from 1st in the East to barely clinging to a play-in spot faster than you can say "$11 for a canned domestic beer, did Ted raise concession prices over the pandemic?"

The first guy who's gotta go is Beal. Period. Let's stop kidding ourselves, he's not a Batman, and he might not even be Robin. Other teams value him as the 2nd, and in some cases 3rd option as a trade chip. We see him as the face of the franchise, which is just a continuation of Monumental's ongoing commitment to overvaluing its own assets. He's gotta go, and by the trade deadline. A sign and trade this summer might work, but why bother? Do it now.

Call the Warriors and kick the tires on a Kuminga, Wiseman, Moody deal. If we have to take back Andrew Wiggins in the process, fine. We won't get any picks of value, and I'm fine with that. If they prefer to give us Poole over Moody, fine. But Kuminga is the guy we want here. Maybe the Heat would give up Herro, but I doubt it. Would the Grizz consider a Desmond Bane package? Unlikely. Try anyway.

After that, see what value KCP and Trez have. Trez is an expiring deal and a guy who may or may not be of much help in the postseason, but surely there's a team willing to fork over a couple of 2nd rounders to find out. A Timberwolves team badly in need of toughness, perhaps? KCP is a sweet shooting wing who can help a contender in the right context. His $14M for next season is partially guaranteed. On the right contender (Jazz, Mavs?) maybe this nets you a 1st rounder, or at worst some 2nd rounders and an interesting youngster on a rookie deal.

See if Dinwiddie has a trade market. I'd be fine keeping him, because he seems to play well without Beal and could eventually move over to the 2 if we find our PG of the future in the draft. But if there's a team willing to fork over something valuable (1st rounder, youngster) then do the deal as long as you don't take back any bad contracts in return.

As for the other vets? Neto isn't healthy, but maybe showcasing him would net us a distant 2nd rounder. There's no scenario where we trade Bertans without giving up assets, but maybe there's a team with another guy on a bad deal (Dwight Powell?) who might benefit us more. Test the waters. Keep Kuz though.

Make no mistake, we are about to embark on a couple of years in the wilderness should we strip mine this roster. We're talking OKC-level wilderness. But this team's heading nowhere. Get Rui 15-17 FGA/gm so we can see if he's got "3rd Option On A Good Team" potential before we have to extend him. Get Deni all the facilitation reps he hasn't gotten in two years playing beside high usage guards. Make Kispert the starting SG and live with the growing pains. Make Bryant the starter again, and relegate Gafford to the bench where his propensity for fouls doesn't derail your gameplan nightly. See what the heck Todd and Winston can do.

Whatever you do, don't be content with chasing the 11th seed in a 10 seed playoffs, then give a quarter billion dollars to a Robin who thinks he's Batman.

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