Trade Beal. Deepest SG Draft Of All Time.

Probably will end up being the highest ppg per player draft of all time.

Benedict Mathurin is half MJ half Lebron. DC should trade the whole team for this guy.

Jaden Ivey, Max Christie, Johnny Davis, Marjon Beauchamp, Jaden Hardy, Bryce Mcgowens, Wendell Moore, Ochai Agabaji, Aminu Mohammed, Caleb Love, Dyson Daniels

DC will draft between 10-20 and should draft Ochai Agabaji and let him be the starting SG for the next 9 years.

By 2/10 trade deadline Beal must be traded. He only cares about scoring. When he can't score he turns the ball over. He only cares about passing if he gets an assist. He can't shoot, pass, dribble or play defense. On top of this you won't sign the max which should never have been offered. 76ers are desperate not to waste Embiid's great season. They are dying to get rid of Simmons. This is very simple DC should not pay Beal 235 mil and need another A+ defender. Make the trade now.

1. Embiid wants to play with Neto again and wants to go for a title this year with Beal. DC would get back Simmons, Milton and a 1st round pick.

2. DC trades Rui, Kispert and (Trez or Bryant) for Jerami Grant. Pistons want young talent in Rui and Kispert to go with Cade's timeline.

Greatest defensive starting lineup in team history!

Simmons / Milton / Grant / Kuzma / Gafford

Dinwiddie / KCP / Avdija / Bertans / (Bryant or Trez)

Add Ochai in the draft and a rotational PF a C in free agency and this team would be a title contender next season.

Since both Grant and Avdija can play PF. DC would have a sweet defensive 9 man rotation for the playoffs. Dinwiddie, KCP, Deni and either center are good off the bench. Teams would have a hard time scoring 100 points on this team.

Ochai would become an all star in his first season with all this defense around him. Ochai will be better than Beal within 3 years and DC will be paying him 4.5 mil instead of 45 mil a season. Defense and salary must be thought about when building a dynasty.

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