Jerami Grant

He is asking for a salary of 112,654.080 for 4 years.

Do you really want to pay grant 28 million per year?, Or even 24 million per year?, That's a lot of money to offer with ted paying the tax or close to tax with no room to operate at all and no picks.

This season he is 33% from 3, 45% from mid range with only 4 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 block. Jerami is also 2 assist per game.


You want this guy in this team?

Grant's shooting is really bad, He average 20 points in a very bad team as the very high usage first option on offense.

He said he still wants to be the first option on a team he is traded, Or a 2nd option on offense where kuzma says hello i am the 2nd option. Do you make spencer the 4th option?

Grant's best position is power forward and kuzma already takes that role.

You only want grant to play defense? Deni at age 21 is already showing signs of becoming a good defender.

He went to playoffs with nuggets team but can't go further in wcf.

He left because he wants to be the first option? Denver is already a contender with him playing, Then why leave? I guess 20 points a game gets you a salary of 28 million per year.

The fact that he averages 20 points a game in detroit wont ever happen here. To be effective, He also needs the ball in his hands. Good Luck on that one.

If i where trading for a guy that is asking for a 28m, Well that's a jason tatum calibre of player.

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