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SB Nation NBA Reacts Results Week 14, Part 1: Most Wizards fans believe that Kyle Kuzma’s streak is sustainable

Fan confidence continues to go up as well!

Washington Wizards v Miami Heat
Most Wizards fans think Kyle Kuzma’s streak is sustainable.
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Wizards results: Fan confidence continues to increase!

SB Nation

Fan confidence increased to 78 percent this week, Washington Wizards fans! Last week, it was 65 percent. There were 216 people responding to the survey.

Why were fans confident? Here is a sampling of your answers.

  • “For the first time this season they get back all the pieces they were missing, which helps a lot with matchups. I mean, for a team this mediocre, not having the privilege to choose your 7 to 8 best guys and instead playing guys out of their position and making adjustments everytime, yes it was challenging. But also, team chemistry is building up rapidly.”
  • “Besides the Nets, Nobody else in the East seems THAT much better.”
  • “Beal coming to form; Kuz’s rise; Stacking Wins; East standings are murky, Wizards could be in position to move up a few spots.”

And why are some fans still not confident, besides Kevin Broom? (Okay, I’m just being harsh):

  • The Philly game on MLK Day showed the “Dr. Jekyll” side of the Wizards. The Portland game showed the “Mr. Hyde” side of the Wiz. If the Wiz could beat the teams they should win and play .500 ball against the elite teams and quit the “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” show, their direction would be on course. The Nets game will be a good barometer to see if they can beat an elite team back-to-back. (Note: This comment was written before Wednesday’s loss)
  • What is the Wizards’ goal? To be a 3-4-5 seed vs a 7-8-9 seed? Then yes, we are headed in the right direction. Is thegoal to eventually contend for a championship? Then not so sure... the contracts (Bertans, Gafford, soon-to-be Beal), the drafting (1st round has been mixed AT BEST, 2nd round has been a waste, who was our last POSITIVE surprise from the draft?), the FA misses (Gary Payton II, Garrison Mathews couldve been had on the cheap on the low end... but more importantly, what have we done to make the Wizards a prime free agent destination?), because most importantly the Wizards’ haven’t found THE leader to take us to the next level (we need THAT guy. without THAT guy, we’r never going to the ECF finals. And btw, Beal AIN’T that guy)).

Wizards fans overwhelmingly believe that Kyle Kuzma’s streak is sustainable

SB Nation

Eighty six percent of our respondents believe that Kyle Kuzma’s recent hot scoring stretch is sustainable. Let’s hope it continues for the rest of this homestand and beyond!

Our national results will be out on Friday. Thanks again!

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