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Bullets Forever 3-pt play: Your top comments on “Point Beal”

Here are some of the best comments that we read on “Point Beal” and whether the Wizards guard should play more point or not.

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards
Bradley Beal and his role as a point or lead guard was our main topic in the 3-pt play.
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Here is the third part of our topic on the 3-pt play. In our first topic, we went over Bradley Beal and his role as a point guard or “lead guard.”

Here were some of the most insightful comments that we saw from our roundtable post that were specifically on the topic of Beal’s ideal position, but also as a potential supermax player.

RockyBoyUser: One thing I’ve never understood about the Wiz and a Beal 5yr supermax is the goals of the organization and how they relate to Brad’s presence or lack thereof. This is from a purely money making perspective.

The general consensus seems to be the Wiz (I guess we I can say Leonsis here?) are content to just make the playoffs/play-in. But it’s not like 10th place is such a high bar. East is a lil better this year, but even when it was top 8 the East would send a .500 or worse team to the playoffs often. You can do that without a SM player.

The other draw I’d think would be to have a marketable star, but from a purely marketing perspective, who the heck cares about Bradley Beal? He’s not in national ads, is barely touched on in NBA packages celebrating whatever the NBA is currently celebrating, and hasn’t been his entire career. He’s on the Jordan brand I guess, but isn’t top 15 in jersey sales (Russ was ranked higher last year) and as we can see he’s not getting All Star votes based on name.

He’s an excellent player, but is he really an irreplaceable franchise money maker?

CDKA: When the Wizards have Bradley Beal and do not have another guard who is excellent at playing PG, then it is best that they have Beal serve as PG. Beal makes more turnovers, but overall is good playing PG. Beal seems to be very strong, but still kind of short to play on the wing.

Chetho: The fact that we’re trying so hard to figure out how to best position Brad for him to be “most effective” is evidence that he is not worthy of a supermax contract. For the elite players that it might be worth spending that money, one never wonders whether they are playing the right position. They are so good at what they do that no one wonders what they might be.

He needs to be traded so that the team can build around players who are fit to their role. Having our franchise player be unfit for the position he’s played for 10 seasons is a bad way to build a team.

Our next 3-pt topic is coming soon, and I’ll also have a poll in next week’s SB Nation Reacts survey for this topic and more!