Tommy Will Have To Decide, Who Will It Be?

Should wizards resign Thomas Bryant?

A) if he plays good, is he willing to be a future backup center?

B) how much is the asking prize?

We really need shooting but with bryant playing, You also sacrifice the defense which is gafford's role.

With bryant gone, Kuzma, Rui, Todd can all play small ball C with long range shooting ability.

King's holmes got a huge salary, pelicans valanciunas too, and maybe bamba too.

If we bring back bryant to more than 8 million, You are hoping no second injury occurs.

If no injury happens, It's a win win situation but too pricey for a 10m backup center. While alex len type can be had for 1m.


Is Trez the one returning?

A) trez defense was exposed a lot, specially in the playoffs which makes him unplayable. he is a good season player though.

B) how much is the asking prize?

Are you willing to remove your only guy who can uplift the team?

When playoffs arrived lakers and clippers bench trez because of very poor and bad defensive duties.

If we bring him back, Take note that we will be having the same rotation of gafford and trez with very less jumpers.

Also rui is up for extension soon if he develops more. Which gives another problem for tommy.

Favors, Farried, Covington, Randle, with there past salaries, Should trez get similar contract like those guys? And trez 6th man job adds more value and a salary increased.

With trez gone, Rui, Kuzma, and Todd can also fill the role trez left in this team.


resign both with gafford + resign rui soon?

What if trez was gone?

Replace with a more taller guy or a guy who won't command for a salary increased.

Example: gafford/bryant/moses brown or gafford/favors/bryant


Bryant is gone, Replace with a cheaper one or develop one of our guys to play small ball five.

Example: gafford/trez/cousins or gafford/trez/todd


This is all up to tommy.

Who should go? and Who should stay?

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