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Wizards vs. Bulls final score: Washington stunned by DeMar DeRozan dagger, 120-119

Kyle Kuzma’s clutch shot gets spoiled by DeMar DeRozan dagger.

Chicago Bulls v Washington Wizards Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

What. A. Game. The Washington Wizards looked poised and ready to open the new year with one of their patented clutch wins.

The tried and tested formula was all there. Kyle Kuzma hit an absolute dagger to put the Wizards up two with just seconds left on the clock.

DeMar DeRozan was not having it. Fresh off a game-stealing shot against the Indiana Pacers the night before, the Chicago Bulls star sank the game-winner and Wizards fans’ hearts as he rose up with a corner three kill shot. Ball game.

It seems fitting that the game ended on a Bulls three, given that D.C. was once again out-shot from deep with a whopping 33-point differential on that end.

Bradley Beal and Kyle Kuzma did all they could to keep the Bulls at bay with some of their best performances of the season.

Beal poured in 27 points and broke his career high in assists with 17 as the Wizards played without a true point guard on the roster. Kuz was carrying the load the entire game, finishing with 29 points and 12 rebounds on a pristine 12-for-18 shooting clip - including what would have been the game-winner had DeRozan missed.

But the Bulls duo of DeRozan and Zach LaVine won out in the end, combining for 63 points and the final shot of the contest as Washington fell, 120-119.

The Wizards can look to bounce back as they take on the visiting Charlotte Hornets on Monday night.