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The ball has dropped in Times Square, I mean, and the clocks have struck midnight here in D.C.


I hope everyone has had a lot of holiday cheer over the past few weeks, even with (I know I have to say it) the coronavirus pandemic raging on toward a third year. But unlike this time 365 days ago, the Wizards are beginning this calendar year with a record above .500. They are about to start on a home-heavy schedule that COULD (my emphasis is on the word “could”) get back toward the Top-4 of the Eastern Conference standings by month’s end.

New Year’s Day always seem to bring about the topic of “New Year’s Resolutions.” Mine is rather simple and yet so general. I just want to be a better person each day, whether it’s how I conduct myself or how I interact with others. That’s the resolution I always have.

Now, let’s make 2022 a blast!