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Kyle Kuzma was pleasantly surprised that he was traded to the Wizards, not the Kings as initially expected

The Washington forward was on Gilbert Arenas’ show recently and gave more

This fall, the Washington Wizards will have a different look, especially after they traded Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers for multiple players, including Kyle Kuzma. And Kuzma gave more insight about his situation with a familiar face to the franchise.

On Sunday, Kuzma was on the “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas” show on Fubo Sports Network which is hosted by the former Wizards star. The most interesting snippet was a clip that was actually released a bit earlier. It focused on what Kuzma was thinking about around the time of the NBA Draft, which you can see above.

Initially, Kuzma said “I was kind of shocked, because I thought I was going to [the Sacramento Kings.] Like the Sacramento deal with Buddy Hield, that shit was done.” He was diplomatic about the possibility of playing in Sacramento, but went on to say that the trade to Washington was a surprise. “I was super hyped because it’s a better situation,” he said in regard to his reaction to going to D.C.

By playing alongside a very hungry Bradley Beal, whom Kuzma called “someone that’s really trying to be a winner,” I can’t disagree that Washington is a better situation given the team’s overall depth on paper. Let us know your thoughts on Kuzma’s appearance in the comments below.