Are The Wizards Getting New Uniforms? - An Investigative Report

Lost in the morass of subpar point guard play at Las Vegas Summer League is one interesting development: the Wizards appear to have new uniforms on the horizon.

While the 29 other teams are wearing a wordmark/nameplate/number design that mirrors their regular season designs, the Wizards seem to be trying something different. The home/road wordmarks are familiar, but the numbers and font of the name on the back aren't the same. The numbers are blocky and angular, a fairly stark departure from the smaller, more rounded numbers on the (current) uniform. While not as obvious, the player name font is bolder and cleaner.

These changes seem to point to a refresh of each of the team's three (white/red/blue) uniforms for the coming season. It'd be completely unheard of for a team to introduce a huge change to a fundamental design element without creating new sets. Maybe the angular numbers point to something more daring (ie: Hawks) or perhaps this'll just be a minor tweak to an existing uniform (Knicks). Either way, changes are coming.

For those unaware, there will be no "City" or "Earned" editions this season, instead most teams will get a 75th Anniversary uniform that's a mashup of elements from each franchise's uniform history. So, still no cherry blossom or Chocolate City sets this year.

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