Home Run Time. DC has 7 Power Forwards go get Kristaps Porzingis. Need a player over 6'10.

Poor Tommy forgot how to count when building this roster. 7 power forwards tisk tisk.

7---Rui, Gill, Todd, Harrell, Avdija, Bertans and Kuzma are power forwards. Must play several of them out of position

1---Kispert is the only small forward.

2---Beal and KCP are the only shooting guards

3---Diniwiddie, Neto and Holiday Point guards

2---Bryant and Gafford are the centers...A 6'7 Harrell will end up playing here which will make the team short.

KP is disgruntled in Dallas. Dallas needs multiple bigs and DC needs a center. KP has a big contract and has injury issues. Wait until the trade deadline and if KP is healthy and playing well make the trade.

KP for Deni, Harrell and Bertans.

Doncic wants to play with Bertans who would open driving lanes for him. Harrell could do some dirty work for them. Deni and Mark Cuban know each other so Dallas would be happy to get three contributing players and have more cap flexibility as KP is owed over 90 million the next 3 years.

DC likes the trade because Beal gets to play with another star in his prime. KP would be better than all of the three guys traded both offensively and defensively. DC can trade 3 power forwards because they still have 4 left. DC would have an extremely dangerous team going into the playoffs. Also KP can shoot so DC could play KP with either Bryant of Gafford. Since Bryant is in the last year of his contract, KP would be a good insurance policy in case he leaves in free agency.

Dinwiddie / Neto / Holiday

Beal / KCP

Kuzma / Kispert

Rui / Todd / Gill

KP / Bryant / Gafford

Can I get a

yeyeahhhh or nawnawww

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