What would you do with 15?

For those of you who want to go on record with their draft takes, here's a place to do it. And I've got some receipts from 2020 which I'll throw in the comments.

We're now 3 days out and clearly a lot can change (Beal trade?), but it seems like most of the names at the top of the draft board are relatively well locked in. With that in mind I wanted to see where people were leaning towards in terms of utilization of the 15 pick.

The top 6 seem set, it's pretty much a given that Cade, Green, Mobley, Suggs, Kuminga and Barnes will be gone, in some order. After that it seems like both Bouknight and Moody are extremely unlikely to slip to 15. It wouldn't surprise me if Wagner or Sengun or others jumped one of those two, but Moody and Bouknight seem the least likely of the remaining group to slide that far, they have too many suitors.

So that leaves us with Wagner, Sengun, Davion Mitchell, Jalen Johnson, Giddey, Kispert, Kai Jones, Keon Johnson, Murphey, Ziaire, Duarte and Garuba. I'll throw one alternative scenario in the mix, a trade down from 15 to pick up 21 and 32 from NY. If you pick this option feel free to suggest some names in the comments.

I had intended to put a poll up to see what's popular, but it looks like you can't add polls anymore? So I guess throw your preference in the comments and I'll tally them up.

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