Add one of these defenders in Duarte, Mcbride or Moody. Duarte 4 of 5

There are several perimeter players who can play defense in this draft. Since DC is drafting at 15 some of them will be gone by then. The list of players DC needs to look at are Duarte, Mcbride and Moody.

Let's evaluate the current state of the roster. Westbrook and Beal both need a backup. Also there is no small forward on the roster for the third year in a row. This must be addressed in free agency as well as the draft. Playing Rui, Deni and Bertans out of position is not the answer. They are all power forwards who can't defend a guy like DeRozan.

2 players who could come off the bench and make a team like the Bucks repeat. Kispert is not an A defender and Mitchell is 2 inches shorter than Marcus Smart and does not have true point guard handles so I pass on these two over the other 3 mentioned.

Chris Duarte is ready to play big minutes and contribute both offensively and defensively now. DC typically only keep their 1st round picks around 2-3 years and Duarte will have high trade value built up by then because this kid is ready on day 1. I hope DC will be a good team so they can be buyers instead of sellers. Realistically though there is a chance Bryant gets traded at the the deadline if DC has a slow start. Again hopefully this won't happen.

Now if DC wants to trade Westbrook then a guy like Miles McBride would be great to have. This kid is like Chris Paul with athleticism. I like how this kid competes and defends. Mcbride is a winner.

Moody is an excellent wing defender who would be great in transition with Beal and Westbrook. The only issue is he is an undersized small forward, but in today's game it should work most of the time as players like KD, Lebron, Giannis, Melo and many others are now playing PF.

If Duarte, Mcbride and Moody are gone then trade the pick. I do not want to draft another non perimeter defender.

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