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Wes Unseld Jr, Darvin Ham and Charles Lee are finalists for the Wizards’ head coaching vacancy according to report

The Wizards may still not have a clear candidate to fill the position, but the NBA Finals may be a big reason why there is a delay given that Lee and Ham are both with the Milwaukee Bucks.

San Antonio Spurs v Denver Nuggets
Wes Unseld, Jr. is among three finalists to be the Washington Wizards’ next head coach.
Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

The Washington Wizards are the only NBA team without a head coach, or at least a reported candidate to fill the position. That news hasn’t changed today, but Denver Nuggets assistant coach Wes Unseld Jr., and Milwaukee Bucks assistant coaches Darvin Ham and Charles Lee are the three candidates who are most likely to be offered the job, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. Of the three, Unseld and Ham are “frontrunners” while Lee is also a finalist.

From Wojnarowski’s tweet, it seems like the Wizards are more likely to hire either Unseld or Ham since they were labeled frontrunners. And that may very well be why Washington hasn’t announced a hire. They at least appear to be waiting on Ham (and Lee) until after the NBA Finals before making a final decision.

It also seems on the surface that Unseld isn’t necessarily frontrunner No. 1. If he were, wouldn’t the Wizards have hired him already now that the Nuggets are out of the playoffs? It isn’t like there weren’t other candidates for this position.

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