Big Swing

Tommy has talked about not being afraid of taking a "big swing" with a trade. Ted has been vocal of building a "championship caliber" team with Russ and Brad. He asked "what else is there to accomplish?" when talking about winning a championship with Westbrook. There's talk of going into the luxury tax for the right moves. Tommy said this isn't a run it back team.

Folks fairly assume that Tommy and Ted are full of hot air. I get it. But they are speaking awfully aggressive to not make a move. I've been racking my brain trying to see who the target would be. I'd love for it to be an impact SF, but the reality is there's only a handful of those guys in the league. Lebron, KD, Kawhi, PG, Tatum, Middleton. After that, it's pretty meh.

This brings me back full circle to center. I'm firm in my position that Thomas Bryant can't be the answer with such poor rim protection. Porzingis makes some sense but is a big risk that requires sending out a lot of players just to match salary. I know I'm beating a dead horse landing on Myles Turner again, but the Pacers have to split up their big men and I think I've figured out how to make this thing work: strike another deal with Houston stepping in as the third team.

Indy gets Eric Gordon, Thomas Bryant, #15

Houston gets Deni Avdija, Chandler Hutchison, Jeremy Lamb, #13

Washington gets Myles Turner, #23, #24

Everybody wins in this scenario. Indy gets a scoring wing to balance the roster plus a scoring backup center. Houston gets a former top 10 pick and moves up for a second lottery pick. Wiz get their defensive anchor and move back in the draft, but get two shots at role players.

Picking at 23 and 24 the Wiz should be able to land both a 3&D wing and a combo guard. Some duo of Duarte/Murphy/Kessler Edwards plus Mann/Butler/Cam Thomas would be a much better intersection of need and value vs. the way the draft board looks to align at 15. This also positions the team to focus on retaining Neto with the BAE and targeting a vet 3&D SF with the MLE like Danny Green or Reggie Bullock.





Turner/Gafford/min player(buy 2nd rounder?)

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