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Joshua Christopher says his game fits well in the NBA after Wizards pre-draft workout

The 19-year-old worked out alongside Illinois guard Ayo Dosunmu Friday morning.

Arizona State guard Joshua Christopher had his pre-draft workout with the Washington Wizards on Friday morning. In his media availability, Christopher, who was joined by Illinois guard Ayo Dosunmu in Washington D.C., said it was his first “head-to-head workout playing with Ayo.” The 19-year-old described Dosunmu as “top tier” and said the workout was intense.

When asked how he fits into the NBA, Christopher talked about his versatility as a player. “I think I can affect the game all over the place,” he said. “I think I bring energy and I think I could lock up. I think I’ve always been able to play-make and I think I could score the basketball. That’s what I’ve been good at, I just think I’m made for the game you know with the spacing and you know opportunity and just the sets. It’s an intelligent game and I think I’m an intelligent person so I think I’ll fit in just well.”

Christopher said he shares similarities with Wizards guards Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook being big guards. He added that they are players he likes to watch. “They’re fiesty, said the guard. “They get up and down. They bring energy and I think I kind of resemble that too.”