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Wizards reiterate that no decision has been made regarding Scott Brooks’ status

There is a report that indicates that Scott Brooks will be extended with conditions. The Wizards have denied that that is the case.

Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards
Scott Brooks’ status remains up the air.
Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

UPDATE: The Washington Wizards have reached out and denied a report by Quinton Mayo saying that the team would likely give him a new contract but would have to bring on a new group of assistant coaches. They stated that at this time, no decision has been made.

To make it clear that the original report was not official news, I removed my longer opinion on the report itself, which was much of the text of the original piece. But to summarize it, I don’t see any winners from that kind of a decision.

I’m leaving comments up here for you to discuss the topic of what the Wizards will ultimately do with their coaching staff as the offseason begins. I know, people are frustrated, even angry at the team’s direction. I am too.

But rest assured, we will have clarity on this as we head into the days and weeks ahead.