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SB Nation NBA Reacts for Apr. 27: Wizards fan confidence dipped to 18 percent despite an eight-game win streak

Due to technical difficulties last week, we weren’t able to share last week’s results. So here they are, before we share this week’s results on Saturday.

Golden State Warriors v Washington Wizards
Russell Westbrook grabs one of his trademark rebounds!
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Hi all, as you all know, SB Nation NBA Reacts is a weekly survey for NBA team fans, including Washington Wizards fans, to get their opinions heard on fan confidence and other topics around the league. To sign up, click on the link below.

As you can see, it’s May 6. And Wizards fans like you and me had a survey this week. The results for that are available ... but wasn’t there a survey ... last week? Were my coronavirus vaccine side effects to blame for NOT posting?

I wish.

Just so you know, yes, there was a survey last week that ended on April 27. However, we were not able to post those results due to technical difficulties. Some of the other SB Nation NBA sites may combine all of their stuff into one post, but I won’t be doing that.

In the interest of the integrity of our results, I’m still posting on last week’s results a week late with the post it deserves. Also, given the Wizards’ massive improvement each of the last couple of weeks, we need to get to the anecdotes around why Wizards fans felt the way they did each week.

Therefore, I’ll share the results from this week’s survey which ended on May 4 this Saturday so this post gets some breathing room for you to digest this one. But I’ll leave you in suspense as to what fan confidence was for this week until then. I will say it increased, but it’s not like 99 percent of fans were confident.

Anyway, let’s move on, since I’m writing this at 2:40 in the morning while I have a minute.

Wizards fan confidence dips DESPITE a 3-1 record!

SB Nation

We don’t have a nice-looking graphic just showing the line for the Apr. 27 survey due to technical difficulties from last week but I improvised above. And again, I’m not sharing the graphic from this week’s survey until Saturday. So, I’ll tell you that Wizards fan confidence on the survey that ended on Apr. 27 was at 18 percent. That was a drop from 20 percent from the survey that ended on Apr. 20, the last time I had a post.

The most perplexing thing about fan confidence is that it went down despite the fact that the Wizards went 3-1 during this time. The last three games of this win streak were also the sixth through eighth straight victories of their longest winning stretch this season. Why could fan confidence go down? My educated guesses:

  • The last game was on Apr. 26 when the Wizards lost to the Spurs, 146-143 in overtimeI think losing a game right during a live survey period may sway some people.
  • Deni Avdija was injured with a fractured ankle and is now out of the season — This happened on Apr. 21. While his loss is big, it’s not like he was utilized as a franchise cornerstone. We’ll get to Scott Brooks later.
  • Wizards fans are just skeptical about whether the team is going to be successful with its “go for the playoffs” strategy — This is probably the most likely culprit given how we felt back toward the end of last week. Yeah, it’s nice to see the Wizards win games this late in the season. But like JoJo the teen singer from the mid-2000s (NOT JoJo Siwa the singer with the big bows in her hair!) astutely said back in 2006 back, Too Little, Too Late!

Most fans believe the Wizards need to make at least the Eastern Conference Finals for Scott Brooks to keep his job

SB Nation

This graphic can look confusing to read, so I’ll explain. This question offered five choices for fans to pick which round or result reached will be enough for Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks to keep his job next season in the form of a contract extension.

There was no option to the effect of “Brooks will never be able to keep it” since this question isn’t the same as asking whether Brooks WILL be the head coach if the Wizards made a certain round of the playoffs.

Now to the choices, here’s how to read them in context:

  • If a respondent selected the Play-In Round for this question, then that respondent believes that a play-in round appearance is enough for Brooks to keep his job, even if the Wizards are eliminated in that round.
  • We skipped to the Second Round for this question. A respondent picking this choice believes a second-round playoff appearance is enough even if the Wizards are eliminated in that round.
  • Someone who picked the ECF believes an Eastern Conference Finals appearance is enough even if the Wizards are eliminated in that round.
  • Someone who picked the NBA Finals believes the Wizards must win the Eastern Conference Playoffs for Brooks to keep his job, even if Washington loses the championship round.
  • Finally, someone who selected NBA Champs believes that the Wizards have to win their second Larry O’Brien trophy for Brooks to stay onboard. In other words, an NBA Finals loss wouldn’t be enough.

Phew! After looking at the answer choices, Five percent believed the play-in round was enough, while over 20 percent believed the second round was enough which was the next choice available. 30 percent, including me, selected the Eastern Conference Finals. Since I’m adding the totals in sequential order of the postseason, we get a majority of respondents once we get to the Eastern Conference Finals, which is how I came to that determination.

All of that said, over 30 percent of respondents believe that an NBA championship is the only way they are fine with Brooks returning. That was the top answer choice. What this tells me is that many Wizards fans are very stubborn in their dissatisfaction with Brooks, even with the Wizards winning more games lately. I also think picking “NBA Champs” as an answer choice is also effectively saying that they have no confidence in Brooks. I don’t think very many Wizards fans expect to see them winning the championship this year, to say the least.

In closing on this topic, though this survey came out before he won the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month award earlier this week, I don’t think the results would have changed much if this question came out now.

Fans split on Russell Westbrook making the All-NBA Team, believe he will break Oscar Robertson’s triple-double record this season

SB Nation

Russell Westbrook wasn’t just a triple-double machine for the Wizards in April. He led Washington to many of their wins as well. Though he was an All-Star Game snub, 46 percent, or nearly half of you believe he should be named to the All-NBA Team once this season’s in the books last week.

Finally, I think this poll would have 100 percent “yes” responses if it came out this week, but as of last week, 76 percent of you believe that he would break Oscar Robertson’s triple-double record.

SB Nation

National Results: Most NBA fans believe the schedule was too condensed this year, split on whether the season should finish before the Olympics

In last week’s survey, 68 percent of respondents thought this season’s schedule is too dense. Too many back-to-backs or three games in four nights type of scenarios. I agree.

SB Nation

The main reason why the season schedule is condensed is the Olympic Games in July. A small majority (56 percent) of fans didn’t think the NBA season had to be finished before then.

SB Nation

If you haven’t signed up for SB Nation NBA Reacts, click on the link below! Now, I need some shut eye. It’s almost 4 a.m.!