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Could Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook both make the All-NBA Team this season?

Westbrook is nearing a fourth triple-double average in an entire season while Beal could be the NBA’s leading scorer.

Washington Wizards v Dallas Mavericks
Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal are playing like one of the NBA’s top backcourts, just like they were billed to be.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It is no secret that both Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook have to be playing at a very high level for the Washington Wizards to have a shot at the NBA Playoffs. The Wizards are currently 10th in the Eastern Conference, good enough for a play-in appearance, largely due to their play.

Beal until very recently was the NBA’s leading scorer at 31.0 points per game, where he’s just a little behind Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. He is also averaging 4.7 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game, both respectable statistics in their own right.

In addition to Beal, Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple-double for the fourth time in five seasons, averaging 21.9 points, 11.2 rebounds and 11.0 assists per game. Westbrook is among the NBA’s top 10 rebounders per game and leads the NBA in assists. In fact, no other player is averaging 10 assists per game this season and it’s unlikely anyone else will since Trae Young, the NBA’s second-leading assister is averaging 9.4 per game.

The Wizards backcourt’s big production and the team’s improved play, especially in April (12-5) leads me to this question: Should Beal and Westbrook both make the All-NBA Team?

In short, my answer is yes because I already gave my reasons why in the last two paragraphs. Beal’s and Westbrook’s production this year have kept Washington’s playoff hopes alive. Without them, the Wizards will be at the bottom of the standings. That said, I can only see both make the third team. That’s due to the Wizards’ record, even though their production has been huge.

Do you believe that both Beal and Westbrook should make the All-NBA Team as well? Do you think one of them should but not the other? Or do you think neither deserve it? Let us know in the comments below.