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The Bulls win, keep the heat on the Wizards

The Wizards still have a chance to be the eighth seed due to losses by the Pacers and Hornets however.

Chicago Bulls v Golden State Warriors
Tomas Satoransky and the Chicago Bulls are still alive in the playoff race.
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Toronto Raptors, 114-102, so the Wizards are still not in the play-in yet. The Charlotte Hornets lost to the Los Angeles Clippers, 113-90 and the Indiana Pacers lost to the Milwaukee Bucks, 142-133. That also means the Wizards could still move up to eighth place with more Hornets losses.

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The Washington Wizards (32-38) aren’t playing tonight. However, three teams aiming for playoff position, VIA THE PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT I KNOW (!!!), have games that can affect the Wizards’ fate. Let’s go through them:

Hornets vs. Clippers, 7 p.m. ET

How to watch: Bally Sports Southeast in the Charlotte area, Bally Sports SoCal in the L.A. area. Otherwise, NBA League Pass.

Why this game matters: The Hornets are eighth in the East and the Wizards have a slim chance of getting this seed if they win out and the Hornets lose out. Furthermore, the Wizards and Hornets will meet up this Sunday in the last game of the regular season.

Pacers vs. Bucks, 7 p.m. ET

How to watch: Bally Sports Indiana in the Indianapolis area, Bally Sports Wisconsin in the Milwaukee area. Otherwise, NBA League Pass.

Why this game matters: The Wizards still have a shot to win the ninth seed in the play-in tournament and the Pacers hold this seed at the moment. A Bucks win will help Washington keep the pressure on Indy, provided they can win out their next two games.

Bulls vs. Raptors, 8 p.m. ET

How to watch: NBC Sports Chicago in the Chicagoland area, TSN in Canada. Otherwise, NBA League Pass.

Why this matters: The Bulls are one loss away from being eliminated from the play-in, which means the Wizards get in. That said, if the Bulls win tonight, they will keep the pressure on Washington heading into tomorrow when the Wizards host the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Chat about these games (and elsewhere in the NBA) here! We may be able to celebrate a playoff berth (even if it’s the play-in) later tonight!