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Wizards at Hawks GameThread

Chat about tonight’s game here!

Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Casey Sykes/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards play the Atlanta Hawks tonight at 7 p.m. ET. Watch the game on NBC Sports Washington if you want to listen to the local crew of Justin Kutcher and Drew Gooden.

Alternatively, you can also watch this on ESPN. Listen to the game on 1500 AM or the Wizards app locally. SiriusXM everywhere else.

The big story of the night? If the Wizards win tonight, they make the play-in. If they lose they can still get in if the Chicago Bulls lose to the Toronto Raptors tomorrow night. Otherwise, the Wizards only have to win one more game to make it.

If the Wizards do make the play-in, some of you have mentioned that “it doesn’t count” if they are eliminated before the first round. Like I wrote earlier this afternoon, I still think the play-in is the playoffs. The only difference is that four teams will be in the draft lottery from it.

Go Wizards!