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Russell Westbrook breaks Oscar Robertson’s triple-double record!

The Washington Wizards guard is now the NBA’s career leader in triple doubles!

HE DID IT!!!!!

On Monday, Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook accomplished his 182nd triple-double of his NBA career in a game against the Atlanta Hawks, grabbing his tenth rebound after getting at least 10 points and assists earlier. With this triple-double, Westbrook is now the career leader in triple-doubles in the NBA.

Though Westbrook made history, the Wizards were unable to pull out a victory, losing to the Hawks, 125-124.

Triple doubles are becoming more commonplace in the NBA because players are more multi-skilled than ever before. That said, Westbrook is unique in this regard. He is a 6’3 guard and will never be mistaken for a power forward. Yet, his knack for getting rebounds, especially on the defensive end throughout his career, especially in the last five seasons, has helped him reach this milestone.

Westbrook is currently the NBA’s leader in assists per game this season with a career-high 11.5 per game. As a point guard, it is difficult but plausible that he could average that many assists. And scoring at least 10 points on average is not too difficult for a starter like him.

The Wizards shared some videos here:

I really don’t know what else to say. CONGRATULATIONS BRODIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!