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Mystics officially release three new uniforms

After an accidental too-early release last week, the Mystics have announced what their new uniforms will look like in the 2021 WNBA season.

Greydy Diaz

On Thursday, the WNBA and Nike announced the redesign of all 12 teams’ uniforms. All 12 teams will have three jerseys this season, and teams will now wear jerseys that have distinct designs from one another, something that players and fans have complained about in recent years since team jerseys often looked the same besides colors and logos.

For the Washington Mystics specifically, they will have three jerseys. Two of them were leaked last week, but here is what they are:

  • Heroine, a white jersey with red and navy blue outlines.
  • Explorer, a red jersey that is similarly designed to the Heroine version but with navy blue and white outlining. You can read about the details of this and the Heroine jersey here.
  • Rebel, a navy blue jersey with centers with themes around gender, racial and LGBTQ+ equality. It is outlined with beige and a shade of red that mirrors the color of the Women’s March in 2017. You can read more about the details of this jersey here.

One of the major changes that you will notice is that GEICO, Monumental Basketball’s marquee sponsor, is not featured as prominently as in the past. In last year’s jersey, the logo was on the front chest area. Now, the GEICO wordmark will be on the bottom front of the Heroine and Explorer jerseys. On the Rebel jersey, the GEICO wordmark will move to the left shoulder, just like the Washington Wizards’ jerseys. The league-wide AT&T sponsorship will show up on the back underneath the player name on all jerseys.

Though I personally don’t care about jersey ads (and think the Wizards and other NBA teams should just go for the money on them to be honest), I’m in the minority of American sports fans on the issue. The lowered prominence of ads will be a welcome change for most of you.

And here are the jerseys! Please note that most do not show the GEICO marks since they may be prototypes.

Some jerseys will be available for sale as soon as April 14. According to Aryeh Schwartz of WInsidr, Elena Delle Donne’s and Tina Charles’ jerseys will be the first ones sold. And as you might imagine, you will be able to custom-make a jersey soon after that.

We already showed you some leaked pictures of the Rebel and Explorer Edition last week. Hopefully those jerseys get back on the shelves real soon!