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The Wizards vs. Lakers game on Apr. 28 is moved to ESPN

This is the first game that will be on the NBA’s national broadcasts, besides NBA TV which uses local simulcasts.

Washington Wizards v Los Angeles Lakers
The Washington Wizards will be on national television after all this season.
Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards haven’t had a single nationally broadcast game this season, mainly because they were projected to be outside of the playoff picture. But sometimes, things change.

On Wednesday, the Wizards announced that their April 28 home game against the Los Angeles Lakers will be on the national airwaves. The game will start at 7:30 p.m. ET. SThe local broadcasting crew of Justin Kutcher and Drew Gooden will get the night off.

There are basketball reasons why this game is now on national TV. They include:

  • Bradley Beal is still the NBA’s leading scorer with 31.1 points per game
  • Russell Westbrook is likely averaging a triple-double this season. In fact, he’s just 10 games away from breaking Oscar Robertson’s record of 181!!!!!! I guess we gotta start writing about Westbrook’s triple doubles on their own now, since to this point, we’ve taken a “meh” approach about those accomplishments. Now, I don’t think we can do that as much anymore.
  • The Wizards are 24-33, one game behind the Chicago Bulls (who are also 24-33) due to tie breakers. They have won five consecutive games and seven of their last 10 games.
  • The Lakers are still the Lakers, even with LeBron James AND Anthony Davis still out as of now due to injuries. They are 35-23, fifth in the Western Conference and have still won five of their last 10 games. That said, James is much closer to getting back on the court. And I think Davis will be back by then.

Let us know your reaction to the Wizards getting a game on national TV in the comments below.