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Send us your Wizards and Mystics questions for an Apr. 20 mailbag!

Send us your questions!

Washington Wizards v Utah Jazz
It’s mailbag time.
Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards are about to enter the last full month of the regular season. They are not too far off from the 10th seed in the Eastern Conference, but it won’t be easy to make up lost ground, even if their strength of schedule is favorable toward the end of the season.

The Washington Mystics will head into the WNBA Draft tomorrow without any picks. I don’t anticipate that to be a problem, but there could always be moves that give them an opportunity to draft. And their regular season also begins in just a month as they look to compete for their second championship in three years.

It’s also time for the next Washington Wizards/Mystics mailbag.

Here’s how to get your question out there.

  • Email me: aleeinthedmv AT gmail DOT com
  • Comment on this post
  • Tweet at us or reply to us on Facebook with the hashtag #BFMailbag.

We’ll take submissions through 12 p.m. ET on Saturday, Apr. 17, We’ll have our mailbag on Tuesday, April. 20. Thanks!