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SB Nation NBA Reacts: Wizards fan confidence reaches a new low of ... THREE PERCENT!!!

We didn’t quite hit zero percent confidence. But four was the previous lowest number.

Dallas Mavericks v Washington Wizards
Yeah, things aren’t looking too hot for the Washington Wizards right now.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

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Wizards results: Fan confidence drops to three percent. THREE.

Team Dec. 23 Dec. 30 Jan. 06 Jan. 13 Jan. 20 Jan. 27 Feb. 4 Feb. 10 Feb. 18 Feb. 25 Mar. 2 Mar. 9 Mar. 16 Mar. 23 Mar. 29 Apr. 6 Apr. 13
Team Dec. 23 Dec. 30 Jan. 06 Jan. 13 Jan. 20 Jan. 27 Feb. 4 Feb. 10 Feb. 18 Feb. 25 Mar. 2 Mar. 9 Mar. 16 Mar. 23 Mar. 29 Apr. 6 Apr. 13
Washington Wizards 45% 18% 25% 20% 13% 23% 13% 10% 19% 35% 48% 35% 4% 8% 11% 12% 3%

The Washington Wizards have gone 6-13 Since the second half of the NBA season began. This included a five-game losing streak to kick off the All-Star Break and another four-game losing streak from Mar. 30 to Apr. 5.

I was surprised to see already low fan confidence numbers plummet to three percent.....

SB Nation

...because, the Wizards actually didn’t perform badly this last week.

Washington went 3-1 record in the last week while people could complete their most recent surveys (and volume remained consistent). While most would expect the Wizards to beat the Orlando Magic, which they did on Apr. 7, Washington also scored two big wins over the Golden State Warriors on Apr. 9 and Utah Jazz on Apr. 12. The loss against the Phoenix Suns on Apr. 10 was to be expected.

But at some point, I think fans are simply fatigued at the constant languishing of this team. Sure, they went 3-1 last week but we sort of know that they are bound to go on another long losing streak, right?

It’s evident at this point that the Wizards will have a hard time making the Top-10 in the East. They are 2 games behind the Chicago Bulls for that spot, but already have a losing record against the 11th-seeded Toronto Raptors (0-2) so that’s really three games. They also have a 1-2 record against the Bulls, so even if they had a winning record against the Raptors, they are still really three games behind for the spot.

They do have an easier strength of schedule for the rest of the season at least...

Since Washington is likely in lottery territory, I think most of us would rather see the Wizards tank for a potential high draft pick. But the team and front office are holding out hope that they can sneak into the 10th seed nevertheless.

National Results: Fans want Luka Doncic as their young superstar, believe health should play a major factor in awards

SB Nation

The Wizards are accused of hoarding international players for the sake of marketing reasons. And some fans say that if the team drafted Cam Reddish and Tyrese Haliburton instead of Rui Hachimura and Deni Avdija, the team would be in a much better place. I see the point with Haliburton and we wrote about that before the draft. But otherwise, it’s speculation. I’d much rather have Hachimura than Reddish.

But to my point, if the Wizards had a legit superstar who just happened to be an MVP candidate like Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic, I don’t think fans would be quick to say that Tommy Sheppard is just looking for the Wizards to become a “United Nations” squad. The Slovenian is averaging 28.6 points, 8.6 assists and 8.0 rebounds this season while leading Dallas to a 29-24 record which is just seventh in the West — but it’s a lot better than the Wizards’ record.

Zion Williamson was second place but his New Orleans Pelicans are still not in the playoff picture. Jayson Tatum and Devin Booker are on much better teams but they aren’t the primary catalysts for their teams’ production like Doncic is for the Mavericks. Here are the breakdowns:

  • Doncic 55%
  • Williamson 21%
  • Tatum 13%
  • Booker 11%

And I think this question on whether health should play a major factor in awards was going to have an obvious answer: Of course it should! Eighty-nine percent said yes!

SB Nation

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