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SB Nation NBA Reacts: Wizards fan confidence inches higher after trade deadline

Okay, 11 percent isn’t much better than eight, but still.

Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards
Daniel Gafford has made a strong first impression for the Wizards this season.
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Our latest SB Nation NBA Reacts survey began last weekend and ended yesterday on Mar. 29, a little earlier than it usually does. The reason why was because the NBA Trade Deadline ended last Thursday. If you haven’t signed up for NBA Reacts yet, do so here!

Wizards results: Fan confidence remained steady. Okay, it increased slightly!

SB Nation

As usual, we have well over 50 consistent respondents to these surveys so I‘m confident that they’re a good indicator of where our commenters, a/k/a hard core Wizards fans especially are. After all, if you are a commenter, you registered with Vox Media, SB Nation’s parent company who knows your email and/or social media handles. Furthermore, if you sign up with SB Nation NBA Reacts, they would also know your email if they didn’t already with your Vox Media account.

Anyways, 11 percent of our respondents were confident in the team’s direction. That’s the second consecutive week of increases since a season-low four percent on Mar. 16’s survey. However, when nearly nine in 10 Wizards fans aren’t confident in the team, that’s clear indication that fans believe things are clearly mismanaged.

The Wizards made one minor trade at the deadline with Troy Brown and Moritz Wagner going the Chicago Bulls while Daniel Gafford and Chandler Hutchison came to D.C. Wagner was later sent to the Boston Celtics. Gafford has put up a couple of good games for Washington so far, but it’s still early.

Since this survey ended yesterday before the Wizards’ win last night against the Indiana Pacers, it’s possible that fan confidence may have been even higher if the survey ended today.

National Results: Fans believe Aaron Gordon trade to the Denver Nuggets is the most impactful deadline deal

SB Nation

All fans were given a list of six trade deadline trades and were asked which one would be the most impactful. Gordon’s move from the Orlando Magic to the Denver Nuggets won out with nearly 40 percent. The exact breakdowns are below:

  • Aaron Gordon to Denver 39%
  • Nikola Vucevic to Chicago 24%
  • Victor Oladipo to Miami 17%
  • Rajon Rondo to LA Clippers 10%
  • George Hill to Philadelphia 3%
  • Evan Fournier to Boston 2%

Fans were also asked which team “won” the trade deadline. The Washington Wizards stayed steady so it’s safe to say that many of us would have called them losers, if anything. But it should be no surprise that fans nationwide believe that Denver “won” considering the responses on how people voted on the aforementioned impactful trade deadline question.

SB Nation

Again, to sign up for SB Nation NBA Reacts, do so here!