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Wizards vs. Pacers preview: Can Washington win two in a row?

The Wizards had one long win streak before. Let’s see if they can get another one again.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards are continuing their less-than-competitive season, this time facing the up-and-down-slightly-below-.500 Indiana Pacers. The Wizards have basically given up on a meaningful playoff run, and are playing for the sake of .... (please complete). Heck, even Beal is injured now (Day-to-Day as of today), so even less to watch for.

Game Info

When: Monday, March 29 at 7 p.m. ET

Where: Capital One Arena, DC

How to watch: LeaguePass

Injury Report

Wizards: Bradley Beal, Chandler Hutchison (Day-to-Day).

Pacers: T.J. Warren (Out), Doug McDermott (Day-To-Day).

Pre-game notes

First night of a back-to-back - The Hornets are coming to town on Tuesday, and while the Pacers and the Hornets are not the lions of the league, it is exactly against these sort of middle of the pack playoff level teams (who would have imagined I would say this about the Hornets!) that the Wizards struggle. My personal prediction is 0-2.

Let’s see Gafford on the floor - I get it, he was just traded so 14 minutes for his first game is OK. But seriously, we know what the rest of the Wizards roster can do. Let’s let Gafford loose now, and not wait for garbage time in the season to see what this trade netted the Wizards. I’d personally be interested to see small lineups with Gafford at C.

Fire Scott Brooks - or perhaps just trade him? Or even a buy-out will do.

Flashback: Oladipo slow mos to a beautiful layup against Lopez

Yes, I know, this is Oladipo in a Houston jersey doing his beautiful move on Lopez, but for me Oladipo invokes Pacers, and, the whole possession also starts with a nice John Wall pass... enjoy: