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The Wizards still have no “definitive” timeline to bring fans back this season. But they probably will pretty soon.

In a survey released to season ticket holders, they announced that pod seating of two or four seats would be available if the DC government allows it in the second half. Just this announcement alone makes it seem like fans are coming back sooner rather than later.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Washington Wizards
No fans at Capital One Arena yet.
Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Washington Wizards season ticket holders received an email to a survey asking them about how open they would be to buying tickets during the second half of the 2020-21 NBA season. I am a season ticket holder and received the email.

To be clear, the Wizards have not made an official announcement that they will allow fans back in Capital One Arena this season. In fact, there is no “definitive” timeline on when fans can return.

That said, a survey asking season ticket holders for their thoughts regarding seating this season makes it more likely than not that the Wizards will have fans, socially distanced from each other, later this spring.

The statement of the first screen of the survey is below:

Though we do not yet have a definitive timeline surrounding the return of fans to Capital One Arena, we continue to work closely in preparation with DC government and local health officials. We would greatly appreciate if you could take just a few minutes of your time to complete the survey below regarding your intent to purchase tickets if/when fans are able to return to Capital One Arena during the 2020-21 season.

Please keep in mind that Capital One Arena will follow rigorous protocols to prioritize the health and safety of our fans, our employees, and our players. In order to comply with current social distancing rules, tickets would only be available to purchase in pods of two (2) or four (4).

Should we have an opportunity to welcome fans to our building in a limited capacity scenario, please note that your decision to purchase tickets during the 2020-2021 season and your responses to this survey will have no impact on your 2021-22 membership status.

The first question they asked was, “In a limited capacity fan attendance scenario, would you be interesting in purchasing tickets to attend games?”

I’ve been consistent on the fact that I don’t think fans should be on the arena, though I also get that the team is going to do whatever it takes to bring in some ticket and concession revenue this season. So I answered no, though it’s only because “OH HELL NO!” wasn’t available as a choice.

Since I answered no, I was booted told that there were no more questions.

If I answered yes just for the heck of it, perhaps there would be questions about my concerns are with social distancing, how many games I would be interested and the like. But if you’re a season ticket holder who didn’t answer the survey yet AND are interested in going to games, any screenshots are welcome!

I normally like going to Wizards games in person. However, I’m still a bit spooked out about an indoor sports venue when coronavirus vaccines still haven’t hit much of the population. And not to mention, the Wizards had an outbreak of their own last January. I just can’t go this season though I’m more optimistic about going to games this summer when the Mystics begin their season.

Some of you will mention that I suggested that the Wizards play a game at the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Congress Heights for a group of socially distanced fans. That’s because it would provide a unique experience and it could also be used as a “thank you” game, especially if the attendees are based locally in Ward 8 (the area where ESA and the Wizards’ practice facility is located) and/or serve in essential jobs like those who are first responders. And yes, I’m stubborn about my opinion regarding this topic. So I may be in the minority about fans in arenas at this point, especially as cases go down nationally.

Would you buy tickets to watch Wizards games this season? Let us know in the comments below.