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SB Nation NBA Reacts, Feb. 25 Part 2 of 2: Most fans think foul drawing is a skill, and Kobe Bryant shouldn’t be “The Logo”

Our national questions featured some various angles going on throughout the league.

Washington Wizards play the Los Angeles Lakers
Most fans don’t think Kobe Bryant should be the NBA’s logo.
Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Here is the second part of SB Nation NBA Reacts’ survey, ending Feb. 25. If you missed the first part of our survey which focused on the Washington Wizards, click here.

Foul drawing is a skill, but soft-contact fouls should be limited

SB Nation

Some players, like Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden just have an uncanny ability to get to the free throw line because they can get defenders to foul them. Sometimes, he and other players go out of their way to try to draw contact. But at the end of the day, some players, even among NBA stars can do it better than others.

I agree that foul drawing is a skill, even if I don’t like it when it’s Wizards defenders on the receiving end of them. I’m not the only one who believes this. Seventy-seven percent of fans nationwide also agreed.

Ninety percent of fans also believed soft-contact (a/k/a “ticky-tack”) fouls need to be limited. Basketball referees are never going to be able to count every foul in a game. But really, a very soft inadvertent touch is a shooting foul that can alter the outcome of a game!?

SB Nation

Most fans don’t think Kobe Bryant should be the NBA logo

SB Nation

Yesterday, SB Nation NBA Reacts came out with a midweek national question asking fans if the late Kobe Bryant should be the logo of the NBA, replacing long-time legend Jerry West. This question likely came after Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving proposed that and Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s widow, supported it.

I voted no to this question, along with 65 percent of fans nationwide. While Kobe Bryant is one of the NBA’s all-time greats, the NBA logo is steeped in tradition. Jerry West is another all-time great who wasn’t just a great shooting guard for the Lakers like Kobe though West only won one championship as a player in 1972. West went on to become a front office executive for the Lakers where he architected their 1980s and 2000s dynasties, the latter with Kobe.

That said, I understand if you believe Bryant should be the next logo since West hasn’t necessarily liked being “The Logo” himself.

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