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Wizards at Trail Blazers GameThread

Chat about tonight’s game here.

Portland Trail Blazers v Washington Wizards Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards will play the Portland Trail Blazers tonight at 10 p.m ET. You can watch it on NBC Sports Washington. Make sure you have your Red Bulls and caffeinated water ready if you don’t stay up too late. The next week is going to be like that for all of us because of Washington’s road trip.

As you all know, the Wizards are on a three-game winning streak. Since they now have a couple days of rest (okay, it’s more like one because of travel but still), they shouldn’t have tired legs, etc. This is also a chance for the Wizards to get another win against a team with a record above .500. They have already beaten the Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics and this team will be another one in the list.

I don’t expect the Wizards to win most of the games on this four-game trip. However, if they can come out 2-2, perhaps we should be talking about whether they do have a shot to make the playoff tournament.

Go Wizards.