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NBA All-Star 2021: Bradley Beal finished with the most votes from fans, players and media among Eastern Conference guards

Russell Westbrook finished seventh among fans and the media but 12th among players.

Denver Nuggets v Washington Wizards
Bradley Beal won all components of the “NBA Electoral College,”
Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

2021 NBA All-Star starter voting used to be done solely based on fan voting. For the most part, fans voted the best players in. However, they sometimes would vote for an obscure veteran who doesn’t deserve it.

Perhaps it’s for that reason why the NBA now doesn’t solely consider fan voting for All-Star starters. Fans only count for 50 percent of the vote. The players make up 25 percent and selected media have another 25 percent. That effectively makes the NBA All-Star starting voting process their version of the “Electoral College.” Personally, I think All-Star voting for the starters should remain only for fans while coaches, players and media can determine the reserves. Takes the fun out of voting in my opinion.

Earlier today, Washington Wizards guard was named a starter due to his overall ranking. He led the fan vote among Eastern Conference guards with 3,485,051 votes. But he also led the player AND media vote!

Most years, given that the Wizards aren’t the most popular NBA team around, we are often hoping for an “assist” from the players and/or media to help their players’ rankings. But this year, there was no question that Beal was going to be a starter in this game.

The 2021 NBA All-Star Game will be held in Atlanta, Ga. on Sunday, Mar. 7.