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Bradley Beal re-signs with Jordan Brand, remains reluctant to sign a contract extension with the Wizards

The Washington Wizards guard turned heads in a recent podcast interview.

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal had some news to announce yesterday in a podcast interview with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports which you can see above. First, Beal announced that he has re-signed with Nike’s Jordan Brand. It will also include a new logo, personalized gear and Jordan Brand uniforms for his AAU team, Bradley Beal Elite.

Beal also gave his status on where he is with a four-year, $181.5 million contract extension the Wizards offered him before the season. Beal stated that he is committed to the team but that “you have to be selfish at some point .... And so I’m kinda taking advantage of it in a way.”

In other words, Beal is not signing a contract extension at the moment and it’s not going to happen. Monetarily, he COULD sign a five-year, $235 million extension next season if he opts out of his current contract this season. And while the Wizards have started the season better than expected, there’s still a chance that things don’t work out with the new player additions for whatever reason.

Hopefully, this season’s success will give us some closure on what Beal decides to do with his future here in Washington, in a positive way of course.