100% Beal will be a 76er within the next 40 days

DC is trading Beal by the trade deadline. It could be for a combo of players and picks but let's see the top player from each team in the west and see if there might be a trade partner.

Luka, Jokic, Curry, Wood, George, James, Morant, KAT, Ingram, Gilgeous Alexander, Booker, Lillard, Fox, Murray, Mitchell

Well based on the 15 there are only a couple of options due to most teams won't trade their best player for Beal.

Luka, Jokic, Curry, George, James, Morant, KAT, Booker, Mitchell are the top 9 players in the west that will not be traded.

That leaves DC with Wood, Ingram, Lillard, Fox, Gilgeous Alexander and Murray. Unfortunately none of those teams are competing for a chip so this trade will get more difficult.

This exercise proves that Beal is not a 250 million dollar super max contract guy by being able to name so many players better than him. 25 million a year is fine, but the franchise can't pay him 50 million a year so DC needs to find a team who is trying to win a chip this year and get stuff back that will help the team next season and going forward.

DC would prefer not to trade him to the Nets, Heat or 76ers in the east but they might have a better trade package.

Heat will offer Lowry, Herro and 2 1st---DC does not want Lowry

Nets will offer Kyrie---DC does not want Kyrie

76ers will offer simmons, milton and 1st---DC would take this

From the West warriors, suns, jazz, and grizz say no and Clips and Lakers do not have the assets as Bledsoe and Morris do not want to come here as DC kicked Wall and Morris on the way out.

Nuggets are the remaining team with the most chance to be able to compete for a chip.

With Murray and Porter out Nuggets might not pull the trigger which means 76ers will get Beal.

DC and 76ers would both go deeper in the playoffs thanks to this trade,

Dinwiddie / Milton / Simmons / Kuzma / Gafford

Neto / KCP / Deni / Rui / Harrell

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