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Bradley Beal cites family and his father as the reasons why he received the coronavirus vaccine

The Washington Wizards guard gave his reasons why he decided to get vaccinated after previously beginning the season as an unvaccinated player.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Washington Wizards
Bradley Beal has come around to getting the coronavirus vaccine.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal is now vaccinated against the coronavirus. After beginning the season unvaccinated, that was one of the bigger topics during his media availability after the Wizards’ 110-93 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night, when he returned from health and safety protocols.

When asked about his vaccination specifically by Washington Post reporter Ava Wallace during postgame media availability, Beal said that his family was why he decided to get vaccinated and initially didn’t want to say more.

Later on, Beal elaborated on why his family was the reason behind the decision and his father in particular. While he is now vaccinated, Beal still has questions about it.

The upcoming D.C. indoor event and Canadian international travel vaccine mandates, both effective Jan. 15, 2022, did not affect his decision. Still, they were things that had to weigh on him given the current state of the pandemic. After all, these government measures were more likely to affect his ability to go out and do daily activities or play games on the court.