1 on 1 Swap?

Washington Wizards Acquired:

Kemba Walker


New York Knicks Acquired:

Thomas Bryant


3 reason why kemba was out of rotation

A) knicks lineup is too small with kemba starting.

B) kemba has no defense, which wizards can cover up if he is here.

C) he struggles to score averaging only 11 points a game.


Why wizards should acquire kemba

- Even though he only average 11 points a game, He is shooting 41% from 3 right now.

There are talks that beal plays good when spencer sits or the other way around. And while kemba average only 11 points a game, Maybe he can help bertans and other with his playmaking which spencer lacks.

We can pair kemba and beal while spencer comes off the bench and sometimes kemba and spencer plays shooting guard.


Why bryant to the knicks?

Right now the knicks are winning with burks 6-6 height as starting point guard, But when bryant returns to court, He will provide additional post scoring NYK lacks. They can also resign him next season.

Will Knicks Decline and Says No?

it's either the knicks should wait or just trade him right now.

Kemba's trade value is very low right now.

When healthy, Bryant has more value but we already have trez who is also in line for a new contract and gafford.

(we can package holiday or neto because of logjam)

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