If Bradley Beal Was Traded

Which Player Do You Expect To Step Up?

Can deni, rui, or kispert score 30+

For a team to have a future, You should have a star replacement for beal.

Leonard was traded to raptors and spurs got derozan and they still got gay and aldridge that led to playoffs multiple times.

Should wizards management follow that direction or be like okc with less picks in hand. Beal is not getting you 5 picks not even 3 first.

Do you see ben simmons as saviour or the next team captain of the team?

If the team was 5 or 7 wins with 30+ loses, I might strongly consider trading beal. But if the direction was similar to spurs with 15 - 12 pick. You might get lucky and draft the next giannis or leaonard at 15.

How fun this team to watch with simmons bricking shots.

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