What would you want in a Beal trade?

Okay, there have been several fans who have started to say that we should trade Beal before the trade deadline. Personally I think that teams should always be casually exploring their players' value by talking with other teams, so I’m all for talking about it. That being said, I very much doubt that Tommy and Ted would trade Beal. They seem content to wait until the offseason and to try to get him to resign then. Still, I hope they are at least willing to listen to other teams. Beal’s value is hard to measure right now. Because of his stated desire to be wined and dined in the offseason, there is a good possibility that we couldn’t get nearly the value back that we could have before. Still here are a few ideas of things to try for. Let me be clear, because of the uncertainty in Beal’s value, the fact that we have 15 players under contract, and Beal’s large salary, I haven’t tried to pin down any trade exactly. This is more about providing a space where we could talk about the basics of a deal we want, and then encourage anyone to provide a more detailed trade that could actually work cap wise if they so choose. Here are some of the types of deals I'd look for.

Knicks and Wizards

-I’d try to get Fournier and Barrett in a trade with them. We could still have a starting level SG and a young SF with tons of promise

Hornets and Wizards

-Hayward and Bouknight would be nice. Hayward would give us a great, though injury prone, SF and Bouknight someone to play SG

Kings and Wizards

-Hield and Haliburton would shore up our guard rotation. While Sacramento has been hesitant to trade Haliburton, maybe they would to get a chance at getting and keeping a star.

Trail Blazers and Wizards

-CJ McCollum could be our starting guard for a bit. Not as good as Beal but under contract for longer. Maybe we could get something else back too.

If you like any of the base ideas I posited, what do you think would be a fair trade? What would you look for in a Beal trade?

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