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#SoWizards Podcast — The Big Picture: What’s the Wizards Strategic Direction? With former co-host Ben Becker

Washington Wizards v Utah Jazz
Wizards guard Bradley Beal.

In this episode, former #SoWizards co-host Ben Becker joined hosts Kevin Broom and Ron Oakes-Cunningham for an in-depth discussion of the Washington Wizards strategic direction.

They delved into the role of the front office, the need for ruthlessly evaluating the merits of players, and the folly of treating a player who is not elite as if he is. The basic problem: it creates a ripple effect through the team’s decision-making process and the roster.

They talked about whether it’s time for the team to adjust its strategy:

Go all-in by packaging draft picks and players to get another All-Star? Trade Bradley Beal for young players and draft assets? Look to package some of their mid-level talent to upgrade at positions of need?

They also discussed the cause of Washington’s spiraling play after a terrific start. Was it too many fashion segments too soon (Ron’s theory)? A failure to focus on details and execution? Or maybe the players just aren’t good enough?

For more on the players, check out Kevin’s article about the team’s need for an infusion of talent.

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