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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 7: Over 9 in 10 Wizards fans remain confident in the direction of the team

Go Wizards!

Washington Wizards v Cleveland Cavaliers
Over nine in 10 Wizards fans are still confident in the team.
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Wizards results: 91 percent remain confident in the team’s direction

In our latest survey, 124 people responded. With Kyle, our regular Reacts Editor out due to family leave, Seth Pollack, the SB Nation NBA Editorial Manager (and my boss) is handling the day-to-day duties of these results. If he’s closing things a little early, well, it’s partly because he’s got 30 other sites to deal with than this one!

But seriously, the vast majority of fans remain confident in the Wizards’ direction this season. Washington is no longer winning 75 percent of their games every five games, but they are still consistently winning games nevertheless. Here are some of the more well-thought-out responses saying why.

  • “Defense, commitment and ability to match up. They are a work in progress on offense, but have potential to improve.”
  • “Organized leadership that is following a long term plan that should give them the flexibility to actually get the second star they need to compete for a title”

That said, confident fans are becoming more nuanced. One fan is confident but remains skeptical of Ted Leonsis remaining the face of ownership. Here is the detailed response.

  • “Uncle Ted keeps trying to do the wrong things but fate has fortunately intervened leading to Tommy Sheppard, Wes Unseld, Jr., and the Westbrook trade. Thank you, basketball gods, for thwarting Ted Leonsis.”

I would like to say that Ted is probably not as meddling into team moves as let’s say ... Dan Snyder of the Washington Football Team over the years. And for that, I am very thankful. On that note, another fan is concerned about the Wizards giving up losses to lesser opponents on paper:

  • “Team is clicking, and able to take down big dogs (Hi Luka Doncic!) but still a bit worried at the offense and our ability to lead a game especially against weaker teams.”

Of the fans who were not confident, the general theme is that fans are still not sold on Beal as a long-term solution for the Wizards. And some of these fans are also skeptical of Spencer Dinwiddie’s ability to remain as the team’s starting point guard long term. This was the most well-thought-out response among the skeptics:

  • Two topics pretty much sum it up: Commitment to excellence and a sense of urgency. Regarding the commitment to excellence, with certain teams, when players walk through their doors, they feel they are part of a winning tradition that is committed to winning, regardless of the circumstances, including their pay. In other words, these teams have no problem paying a luxury tax or a repeater one. And regarding the sense of urgency, 29 teams go home a loser each year. Only one team goes on to accomplish something special: An NBA Championship. Every year, the Wizards have an opportunity to win an NBA Championship, at least technically. When Bradley Beal, the team leader blows a chance at an Olympic Gold Medal and is still not vaccinated against the coronavirus, which is why he couldn’t be on Team USA in the first place, I don’t see a sense of urgency from him. I also don’t see a sense of urgency with the direction from the front office, since they are unwilling to pay the tax and they are content with Beal remaining unvaccinated.

All fair points. I’m not sure how much more the Wizards can do to convince Beal to get vaccinated, especially given player union rules. But I too have been skeptical of the Wizards this season because of his hesitancy to get the shots, though I ultimately have given a vote of confidence in recent weeks. That is primarily because the D.C. government hasn’t been ready to implement a vaccine mandate like New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Toronto.

National Results: Anthony Edwards is the most impressive second year player, believe the Lakers aren’t doing well due to age and depth.

SB Nation

In this week’s national survey, we asked which player is having the most impressive sophomore season. 42 percent selected Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards, who is averaging 22 points and 6.7 rebounds per game this season. Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball was second place with 33 percent of the vote and Philadelphia 76ers guard Tyrese Maxey was this with 17 percent.

In another question, we asked why you feel the Los Angeles Lakers are struggling. 70 percent field that was due to an aging roster and lack of roster depth.

SB Nation

The Lakers are currently 12-11 in the NBA standings.

Thanks again and our next survey will come out next week!

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