DC needs starting PG, SG, SF and Center. DC trade every single player.

Leonsis, GM and company know nothing about basketball. DC needs to get real basketball people in the building to run this operation. Let's see this is a dysfunctional team which ran into some bad teams with massive injuries. Won some games and thought they were good.

There are some simple rules that every team in every sport follows except DC. Stop paying injured players. Stop paying players who don't play defense.

Beal is the most selfish player I have ever seen in DC. All he does is shoot and he shoots terribly. Beal can't pass (turnover machine), can't dribble and can't play defense at all. DC take that max off the table before this franchise is crippled for the rest of this decade. Wall taught him use no energy on defense and use it all on offense and DC is so dumb they will pay you 300 million dollars. So much of DC's problems are self inflicted.

Dinwiddie is awful and how do you give 60 mil to a seriously injured player is stupid.

Bertans how do you give 80 million to a horrible defender.

Kispert how do you draft a horrible defender.

No starting small forward for the 3rd year in a row. How??? I have wrote 20 articles on this site about getting Bridges or Barnes the last 5 years. For a hot minute DC seemed a starting small forward away from making noise, but as KCP and Deni got better the rest of the team have been awful.

OKC time. Before the draft trade most of these players who have some value. Especially every player who is in the last year of their contract has to go 100%.

Beal, Neto, KCP, Deni, Rui, Kuzma, Harrell, Gafford and Bryant are all potentials alone or in combinations to bring back 1st round picks along with young or disgruntled player (Ben Simmons). Also try to package Bertans and/or Dinwiddie's nasty contract out of DC if there is one dumb team out there.

DC clean this mess up so I don't watch this team down by 20 all game every game.

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