After 42 years DC is finally getting close. Ben Simmons brings chip to Washington

Dinwiddie / Beal / Simmons / Kuzma / Gafford

Neto / Milton / KCP / Deni / Harrell

Trade which keeps DC under the luxury tax

Rui, Bryant, Bertans, Kispert, Holiday


Simmons, Milton, Basset, Reed

DC does this trade because Simmons can play all star defense at all 5 positions at 6'11. Starting Simmons at point/small forward would make the team dare I say like having a 27 year old Scottie Pippen. Dinwiddie, Beal, Kuzma and Gafford would all get many more wide open shots or dunks by playing with Simmons. On a side note Milton provides offense off the bench with Harrell while KCP, Deni and Neto play defense. This trade gets Tommy out of multiple mistakes that he made such as Bertan's contract, drafting Kispert and trading for Holiday. I never want to see this team pay one more dollar to another player who can't play defense.

Philly does this trade because from today going forward they will get more out of Rui, Bryant, Bertans, Kispert and Holiday than Milton, Bassey and Reed. Because Simmons is not playing Philly must take back a worse deal than if he were playing. In other words to get rid of Simmons they understand they have to throw in Milton. Also having Rui as a long term power forward would be great for them. Due to Simmons not playing this trade increases Philly's chances of winning this year and in the future.

With Ben Simmons DC would finally have the defense that could compete with Lebron, KD, Giannis, Kawhi, Derozan, George, Tatum and Butler. Tommy offer my trade to Philly. When they accept and DC wins the chip holla at me paintbranchpf on bulletsforever. I'll look for your article. Btw my ring size is 11.

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